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The internet is a powerful tool. There is information about almost every topic, product, service and more.

Just make sure you are reading the right information. Look for information from industry experts and quality sources. Our resources section below will provide information about the air quality in your home and business/work. We will also provide information on respiratory conditions, including allergies, asthma and more.

If you have any questions that you would like to have answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Regular Air Duct Cleaning

Have you noticed a rise in allergy symptoms among your family? Or there is more dust in the air than usual? Your home may need a duct cleaning! Having clean air ducts helps circulate clean and fresh air in your home and greatly reduces allergens and irritants in the...

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How to Control Pet Hair and Dander in your Home

How to Control Pet Hair and Dander in your Home

How to Control Pet Hair and Dander in your Home Do you suffer from itchy eyes, red eyes and respiratory problems? This can all be a result of pet allergies. Pet hair and dander can cause many pet allergy symptoms and although you aren’t going to get rid of your...

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Established in 1984. Klean King Furnace & Duct Cleaning is one of Regina’s oldest furnace and duct cleaning companies.

Proudly serving Regina and surrounding communities for over 35 years.

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We can clean:

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  • All Duct Work
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  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Dryer Vents

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