After a long and harsh winter, spring is finally here! While we all start our spring cleaning and preparing for summer, it is important to remember to clean out your air ducts and furnace! Allergy season is upon us and regular cleanings are crucial for eliminating a variety of toxins and contaminants from within your air ducts and home. Here are a few tips on how to allergy-proof your home!

  1. Replace Air Filter: Changing your home air filter helps keep optimal air quality and keeps your HVAC unit running smoothly. Over the winter, your air filter can trap pet hair and dust that can cause air to not properly filter. This can cause allergies and respiratory issues, as well as a breakdown of your HVAC unit.
  2. Vacuum Regularly: Having a weekly cleaning routine is key to keeping allergens in your home low. It is important to find the right vacuum, preferably one with a HEPA filter.
  3. Clean Bedrooms and Living Rooms: Your bedroom and living room are where you spend most of your time, so it is important to clean these spaces. Dust mites are often found in bedding and mattresses. We suggest cleaning your bedding regularly and purchasing high-quality dust-mite-proof pillowcases and mattress covers. Another tip is to clean surfaces in your living room and any lounging blankets.
  4. Install Ventilation in your Bathroom: Using a ventilation fan while showering or bathing will help keep the humidity of your home low. This will help decrease mold growth and dust mites.

Follow these tips this spring to allergy-proof your home!

It is also important to note that having your furnace and ductwork professionally cleaned is one of the best ways to ensure you have clean air in your home. It also helps those with asthma, COPD and other lung and breathing conditions.

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