How to Control Pet Hair and Dander in your Home

Do you suffer from itchy eyes, red eyes and respiratory problems? This can all be a result of pet allergies. Pet hair and dander can cause many pet allergy symptoms and although you aren’t going to get rid of your four-legged friend, there are some ways you can help control the hair and dander that is in your home. There are two primary ways to help minimize allergens and particles from the pets inside your home.

The first one is easy – get your furnace and ducts cleaned regularly to instantly remove up to 60% of the airborne allergens, hair and dandruff in your home.

The second is to develop a routine to keep your pets and home clean and healthy. 

5 Helpful tips to control pet hair and dander:

  • Brush your pets outside: Pet hair is the perfect host for dander and dirt. Regularly grooming your dog outside will help reduce the amount of hair and dander that enters your home.
  • Bathe your pets often: Bathing your pet once a week will help reduce the amount of dirt and dander they bring into your home. Purchasing an extendable showerhead can make this process a lot easier with minimal mess. It is also helpful to wash your pet’s paws after being outside.
  • Purchase your pet their own furniture: Having a designated area for your pets to sleep or not allowing them on your bed, will help reduce hair and dander in your room and avoid breathing in allergens that trigger your allergies.
  • Vacuum often: Pet hair and dander can stay on surfaces for months, which is why it is important to vacuum regularly. It is important to find a vacuum that will capture pet dander and hair and not shoot smaller particles back into the air.
  • Purchase the right air purifier: Air purifiers have become extremely helpful when it comes to reducing pet allergy flare-ups. Purifiers are 3x better than the common HEPA filtration and can capture not only pet dander but also dust, mold, and other bacteria.

Following these tips and having proper air filtration, will be a huge help in subsiding your allergies this summer!

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