There are many factors in determining the cost of your air duct and vent cleaning.

Cleaning an entire HVAC system in an average-sized home can range in cost from $250 to $350. However, there are several factors that affect the cost. For instance, air duct cleaning for a 3,000-square-foot home, with two HVAC systems will cost quite a bit more than a 1,000-square-foot home with a single unit.

The size of your ductwork, number of vents, and degree of contamination all play a role in determining the cost. We have made a list of factors that may impact your air duct cleaning prices.

  1. The Number of Furnaces and AC Units: Although this is uncommon for average-sized homes, any home or business with more than one furnace or AC unit will increase the cleaning cost.
  2. Possibility of Mice or Rats: Vermins can cause severe respiratory illnesses. It is important to take special note of signs of vermin and contact an exterminator.
  3. Accessibility: Most homes have a utility room or basement that provides easy access to your furnace and AC. However, if this accessibility is more difficult, you could end up paying more ( e.g crawl space).
  4. HVAC Mold Removal: Removing elements such as mould and mildew requires specific equipment and chemicals. As a result, this will impact the cost and will depend on the severity of the build-up your system has.
  5. Possible Repairs Needed: If you have not had your air ducts and vents cleaned for a long time, the technicians cleaning your ductwork may come across damage to your AC or furnace. As a result, it is important to budget for possible repairs that need to be done.

By default, most air duct and vent cleaning companies will break down their prices in three ways, flat rate, square feet, and per vent.

However, when properly budgeting for this service, it is important to keep in mind the factors above as they may impact your cost.